COVID-19 Outbreak: With EFFISM Monitoring Work From Home Turns Out To Be A Cakewalk

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COVID-19 Outbreak: With EFFISM  Monitoring Work From Home Turns Out To Be A Cakewalk

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many workplaces are forced to shut down as a precautionary measure. In this situation, employees are assigned to work from home and this decision would take a toll on the overall productivity of a company unless an efficient monitoring system is administered. Here is where the work monitoring and analysing software EFFISM (Efficiency Improvement System Management) comes into the picture. Putting EFFISM to use, monitoring different stratums of a company from the top-notch employees to the ones in grass root level becomes an easy and systematic affair. This revolutionary concept was validated by the research institute AIMRI with the support of Indywood Billionaires Club. Aries Group of Companies with 53 companies operating in 16 countries for the Clients from over 80 countries, was the first user of EFFISM and the successful application took EFFISM to the position of world’s no.1 I                                                                                                                        n 5 different fields. EFFISM has changed the work monitoring culture through its state of the art additions and Corona should be your only worry as long as your business is in the safe hands of EFFISM. Free training has also been announced exclusively for Indywood Billionaires Club members.

EFFISM –  Aries Group’s Innovation To Track Employees Efficiency

The online Efficiency Improvement System Management (EFFISM) was developed under the innovative research programme of AIMRI. Online monitoring is a process that includes analysis of the past to identify possible improvements which can minimize errors/losses and preset targets for future and enhance productivity and quality of an individual. The software ‘TIME’ (To Improve My Efficiency) developed as part of EFFISM records all the efforts of trainees and the trainer can access the data without mediators, resulting in zero communication loss. The software is a platform for daily training planning and self-assessment, monitoring and assessment by superiors, health management etc. While improving the efficiency of the process, it enables the trainer to analyze the entire activities of his institute for a better future.

It is an organizational model which explicitly focuses on new methods of improving the working environment, to help employees work in a way that brings out the best in their capabilities and helps them work, perform, and live better.

The key objective of this Innovation is to improve the motivation, engagement, and performance of employees. It aims at giving back energy and pleasure in work.

Aries Industrial & maritime and Research Institute (AIMRI), Which Is Part Of Aries Group Of Companies, Is A Premier Interactive University That Imparts High Quality Education Through A Comprehensive Well Knit And The Most Advanced Course Structure To Equip The Young Aspirants With Skills To Enhance Their Personality And To Fulfill Their Ambitions. AIMRI Also Qualifies And Guides Aspirants From The Industry To Gain Access To Its Industrial Doctorate Programme. Aries Marine And Engineering Services, The Flagship Brand Of Aries Group, Is One Of The Most Trusted Global Players Providing Naval Architecture, Engineering, Survey, Inspections And Design Solutions In Maritime Industry.

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Sohan Roy’s AIMRI Gets Accredited As ISO Certification Body

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Sohan Roy’s AIMRI Gets Accredited As ISO Certification Body

13 March 2020, Dubai: AIMRI (Aries International Maritime Research Institute) received accreditation from Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) as a Certification Body for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) Audits and certification. This was after a series of audits carried out by the EIAC at the AIMRI premises in Sharjah as per the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 standards. Mr. Sohan Roy, CEO of Aries Group of Companies received the prestigious accreditation from the CEO of EIAC in Dubai.

AIMRI is a part of the Aries Group, a multinational consortium in the Middle East. AIMRI provides high quality education through a comprehensive, well-knit and most advanced course structure, to equip the young aspirants with skills to enhance their personality and to realize their ambitions. Their vision is to launch an innovative new generation training method with the support of visual media, on an interactive network platform for promoting the Industry Oriented Research activities in diversified sectors.


About Aries Group:

Established in 1998 by Mr.Sohan Roy, Aries Group is a multinational consortium of 53 companies in 16 countries. In a short span of 22 years Aries has grown to become one of the world’s largest Naval Architecture Engineering and Inspection firms with offices in all maritime hubs and more than 1000 engineering and technical staffs on its rolls. The company’s division that caters to environmentally friendly ship design solutions, the “Aries Greenship Solutions” team is entrusted with performing 3D scanning, concept design, and detail engineering works of retrofit for BWTS and Scrubber equipments in addition to performing Inventory of Hazardous Materials Surveys. Aries track record now boasts of all types of vessels including Tankers, Bulk carriers, LNG carriers, LPG carriers, Chemical tankers and Container ships. The client list includes major ship owners and managers based in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore. The company has also become one of the world’s leaders in ship inspections using Advanced NDT, Drone Surveys, Rope Access services, Subsea Engineering, and Asset Integrity & Management services.

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Kerala Entrepreneur Ready To Conquer The Indian Fashion World

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Kerala Entrepreneur Ready To Conquer The Indian Fashion World

Chennai: The grand event of Indywood Fashion Premiere League Season 3 concluded successfully at Taj Connemara in Chennai on Feb 14 th 2020. The event was organised along with the official launch of Indywood Billionaires Club – Chennai chapter where top enterprising business icons from the state of Tamil Nadu were honored. Recognizing the relevance of age old tradition of weaving and the major role it has played in shaping the fashion world since ages, IFPL season 3 was themed “A walk for a Cause” which unveiled a greater cause of promoting the Indian weaver’s community.

IFPL season 3 showcased handpicked designs by Mrs. Abhini Sohan, Executive Director – IFPL, who is known for her impeccable design sense. Travelling around the world and imbibing fashion from varied cultures and nations, her choice of clothes showcased in the event was subject to great appreciation. As a designer, Abhini Sohan’s passion in designing started budding at a very tender age. Her inspiration was her mother and cousin who is a renowned fashion designer in South India. Her initially designed pieces mostly included an exquisite collection of sarees. Her keenness in travelling with hardcore passion for fashion made her travel the world, watch, live and feel varied cultures. Handpicking of IFPL designer wears were also done through a similar process of travelling each place all by herself and choosing one from a wide range of collections. Particular attention was given to choosing designs closely knitted to the cultural aesthetics of that particular place. Her immaculate design sense coupled with the elegance of models brought the appearance of the costumes to a whole new level. While Abhini personally sees to the selection of dresses, her team of professionals is responsible to conduct the show in a top-notch manner. “According to me, fashion is something that must blend in and align with an individual’s body and shouldn’t look like an extra fitting. And, while wearing an outfit, it should have the power to enhance the appearance of the person and vice-versa”, she quoted.

Travelling to different villages and experiencing the struggle weaver communities are going through, Abhini decided to choose the theme to uphold the relevance of weaving in Indian culture. She believes that, if this generation of weavers aren’t taken care of, the next generation will be reluctant to step into that line of skill and it will eventually lead to the end of the weaving community.


The show was choreographed by ace fashion choreographer Mr. Dalu Krishandas, who has brought prominent changes to the South Indian fashion industry. Miss Super Globe World 2019, Akshara Reddy and Indian model and actress Vidya Pradeep, walked the ramp as celebrity Show stoppers. This year, IFPL will be organised at 5 different locations including Delhi, Kolkata and Ahmedabad focusing on the different film hubs of Indian film industry. IFPL aims to choose film industry as a medium to propagate the word of Indian fashion industry around the world. Watching Indywood, a media and film based company founded by Abhini’s husband, Mr. Sohan Roy, she realized movies’ potential to enhance a wide range of fields like music, fashion, technology etc., and thus the initial concept of IFPL struck Abhini.

Indian film industry is renowned worldwide and she believed that with its back support, Indian fashion industry could conquer heights.

As each year passes, the impact and reach of IFPL is getting better at a dramatic pace. In the upcoming years, IFPL is planning to add in more designers, models and choreographers. Since this year’s theme was focused on the method of cloth making, IFPL chose to bring up the weaver community. Next, IFPL will be focusing on materials, which will be khadi for the upcoming year.

About IFPL

Powered by Indywood Billionaires Club, Indywood Fashion Premier League is first of its kind competitive fashion event which aims to redefine the future of fashion shows in the country. It seeks to promote indigenous fashion and talent by commercializing India’s as yet untapped fashion sector. The debut of this sensational event was organised at Hyderabad in the year 2018. With each passing year, IFPL is turning out to be one of the most promising platforms for aspiring and established design community of the country.

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Indywood Billionaires Club Inaugurated Its Next Chapter In Chennai

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Indywood Billionaires Club Inaugurated Its Next Chapter In Chennai

14.02.2020, Chennai: Indywood Billionaires Club (IBC) has been growing stronger and bigger each year. After successfully launching regional chapters in Dubai, Kerala, Karnataka and Hyderabad, IBC unfurled its new regional chapter in the heart of the ‘Detroit City of India’ – Chennai.

Scheduled on 14th February 2020 at Taj Connemara Chennai, the event was attended by Top billionaires from the state of Tamil Nadu where top notch business leaders, women entrepreneurs and young emerging business leaders from the state of Tamil Nadu were honored. The winners included PadmaShri Dr. G Bakthavathsalam, Chairman and Managing Director, KG Hospital; Mr. Kalaipuli S Thanu, Founder, V Creations and Kalaipuli Films International ; M. Lankalingam,   Chairman, Lanson Group; Y. G. Mahendra, Actor/Director,     Padma Seshadri Bala Bhawan; R. Harirajan, Managing Director, IPL Products; Master Sri Ji, Founder, Sathyodhayam; Seetha Nagarajan, Founder, Cbigs Jewellery; Arun Suresh, Director, Excello Group of Companies; C K Kumaravel, CEO and Co Founder, Naturals; Nandlal Wadhwa, Managing Director, Wadhwa Ventures; Anil Kothari S, Managing Director and CEO, Fine Shine Jewellery; G Venket Ram,       Celebrity & fashion photographer; Nina Reddy, Managing Director, Savera Hotel; Nikesh Lamba & Jabtej Ahluwalia, Parnters, Double Roti; Archana Kalpathi, CEO, AGS Entertainment Pvt Ltd; Lena Kannappan, CEO, 8 K Media; Micheal Susai, Co-founder, Citrus; Shray Rattha, MD, Rattha Group; Ashok Varghese, Director, Hindustan Group; Suhasini Hasan, Indian Film Actress, Shahir Muneer, Founder and Director, Divo; M. Joseph Jegan, Managing Director, St. Peter & Paul Food Export; Nithin Kalkiraju, CEO, Sukra jewellery and Hamsa restaurant; Senthil Kumar, Co- Founder, Qube Cinema; Sanjay Wadhwa, Founder, AP International; Sanjay Lulla, Managing Partner, SM Lulla group of Companies, Amit Damodar, Founder, Chattels Realty and Sreedharan Pillai Haridas, Managing Director, Aqua World Exports.

Adding glamour and entertainment to the event, the first of its kind competitive fashion event – Indywood Fashion Premier League, was also organized at the venue where handpicked collections by Ms. Abhini Sohan Roy, Executive Director – IFPL were featured. The theme for IFPL season 3 was a ‘Walk for a Cause’ to support the weaver’s community in India. The show was choreographed by Mr. Dalu Krishnadas. Ms. Akshara Reddy –Miss Super Globe – world 2019 and Vidya Pradeep, Indian Model and Actress walked the ramp as Show stoppers.


Indywood Billionaires Club has continued to grow in stature adding several Indian billionaires and visionaries to its fold, while bringing systematic changes in India’s cinema economy. Launched in the year 2016, at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, the club opened doors to Indywood Billionaires inaugurated its illustrious chapters in Kochi and Dubai on September 19, 2018 and October 4th, 2018 respectively.  The first anniversary of its illustrious Kerala chapter was celebrated on 18th October 2018, and Karnataka and Hyderabad regional chapters were inaugurated on 7th September 2019 and 21st September 2019 respectively.

To realize the IBC’s collective goal of making the Indian Rupee equal to One Dollar, the club has identified major drain holes in the economic bucket of our country which can be only plugged by when EFFISM, a powerful Efficiency Improvement System Management is effectively implemented across all sectors. This innovative tool is an offering of AIMRI, the research and development wing of Aries Group. IBC dreams to encapsulate the entire Billionaire community into this block chain concept to totally transform India with Efficient Human resources. During the event a special presentation of EFFISM along with Education 3D theatre, a revolutionary visual media method of educating our future generations was also showcased.

The event is sponsored by Lexus as the Official Lifestyle Partner and supported by Sanjeevanam, AVA, Nambiar Builders and Manikya Spirits and Breweries. Our efficiency partner is EFFISM, Knowledge Partner is AIMRI and Event is organized by Biz Events. Fashion segment is being conducted by Indywood Fashion Premier League.


About Indywood Billionaires Club (IBC)

Indywood Billionaires Club (IBC) is an elite network of India’s wealthiest individuals who hold a net worth of Rs. 1000 million. The club provides investment opportunities to such enterprising individuals that can help in the nation’s rebuilding process. The consortium aims to achieve the collective dream of strengthening the Indian rupee and making it equal to one dollar.

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BOTEL’s Final Goodbye

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BOTEL’s Final Goodbye

After 15 long years of service, Aries Group’s Safe BOTEL (Backwater operated Tourist Entertainment Launch) has now been handed over to its new owner. BOTEL, a uniquely novel concept, which provided the Kerala’s houseboat industry a new facelift, played a huge role in taking the cruise industry to the next level. Designed and engineered to sail on the sea, BOTEL was the first ever houseboat in Kerala to be made from steel merging the durability of the metal with the aesthetics of traditional houseboat architecture. Aries Group was forced to put the BOTEL on sale as its Captain Shri. James died due to a heart attack this month, quoted the Founder Chairman and Naval Architect, Shri. Sohan Roy.

Though, BOTEL was featured in many television advertisements and movies, it gained international recognition after it appeared in the Hollywood movie, DAM999. Accepting the hospitality of President of Indywood Billionaires Club and President of NRIPA, Shri. Sohan Roy, many international celebrities and Indian billionaires have reportedly enjoyed travelling in BOTEL to admire the picturesque beauty of Alappuzha’s backwater. As part of its social responsibility, even with its 5-star settings, during off-seasons, BOTEL rides were charged at similar rates as that of a normal houseboat for general public.

BOTEL is equipped many unique features. The houseboat is fitted with double bottom, buoyancy chambers, firefighting devices, and lifesaving accessories and two emergency evacuation doors, in case there is an accident. BOTEL also has an efficient garbage management system to store and dispose the food and plastic waste, dual power air conditioners, solar-power attached bedrooms, conference rooms, massage rooms, fire resistant kitchen, water storage tanks etc. BOTEL is the first houseboat to have passed the water stability test. This was conducted and tested by Shri Sohan Roy personally. It was a proud moment for everyone as the houseboat returned safe and well facing the unruly backwaters waters of Alappuzha.

During the Boat Show exhibition organized at Kochi, BOTEL was able to provide a clear guideline on the changes which houseboat industry needs to make in its current designs to the ministers who attended the event. Within 1month, new regulations were devised and a new chapter in the history of houseboats were unfurled. After 15 years of loyal service, the BOTEL is here to stay in the Alappuzha backwaters to witness many such new reforms, but with a different name.

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Asian Media Group Announces Asian Media Awards

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Asian Media Group Announces Asian Media Awards

Asian Media Group announces Asian Media Awards for recognising the strength and depth of the British media industry. This Award is to honour local print Journalists,  internet bloggers, TV anchors and PR experts The Asian Media Awards is dedicated to honour their talent, drive and innovation

Nominations starts on 27th April, 2020 and shortlist will be announced on 14th September, 2020. Journalists, internet bloggers and TV anchors can apply then.


A closing ceremony named AMA Ceremony will be there on  29th October, 2020. The ceremony act as a platform for those who working in the industry to network with mainstream organisations where they are vastly under represented. The AMA’s take place at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate and are supported by the world’s foremost media organisations.

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