Release of Teaser And Poster Of Movie Chhattisgarh:- A numismatic History

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Release of Teaser And Poster Of Movie Chhattisgarh:- A numismatic History

See the Historical Legacy of coins in Feature film

On 30th Aug 2018, Teaser and poster release of Movie “CG A Numismatic History” was

released at Press club of Raipur in presence of Press reporters. Shooting of This feature film on Coins of Chhattisgarh (early to Maratha Period) from the collection of Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh was done is last week f Jun 2018, where the coins from the collection was displayed in an exhibition and a Film with a story about Kings and the coins issued by them.On this occasion Producer Aaditya Pratap Singh, Director and writer Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh, actress Asmita Arora and all person related to film are present.


Movie Made Under the Banner of Aaditya Pratap Singh Entertainments “Chhattisgarh A Numismatic History” which is made under the Banner of Aaditya Pratap Singh Entertainments and The whole crew of the film are present during the Press

conference. Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh, Director & writer of The Movie, Aaditya Pratap Singh is Producer , Asmita Arora( Blogger) are featured in this movie, all are representing themselves as their original name and profession. This Father son Duo already made many movies including Mantostaan, The Strong Faith,A Man Born for Numismatoics, A Historical Discovery of South Kosala etc . An Important Movie “GANDHI MEORABILIA is in Pre production Stage made AS an INDO US Project.

FILM Will Cover Numismatic History Since 7th Century BC

Director and Writer Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh Informed the press that he collects coins since the age of 9 yrs, He further informed that His area of Interest in coins are Ancient coins and he specially collects Coins of Local rulers of The Chhattisgarh ( Old South Kosala) as he born and living here. He said that Coins of Chhattisgarh Are as old as coins of Any part of the world and thus keeps Chhattisgarh’s Numismatic history equal and rich as any part of the world . Coins from 7th BC are unearthened from Various Places of Chhattisgarh . He also did PhD and D Lit in coins of Chhattisgarh. He informed that By writing and Publishing Various Articles in National And International Journals ,He proved coins found at Village Jaunda near Rajim as coins of Pre janapada era ( 7th century BC). He Informed that Coins found in Malhar are with Over strucked Malhar sign in Brahmi ‘Ma” are showing an uniqueness in coins of Malhar, later In Repousse coin of Sirpur and Bastar are also uniques and alone in the world , where coins were made by reppousse technique on thin sheets of Gold and Silver, later Kalchuri Kingdom came in to existence who rules about 500 yrs in this area , and they also issued many coins of Gold Silver and Copper with various symbols specially Elephant ornetted Laxmi, Lion attacking of Elephant, Hanuman etc. These all coins

were shown in the Movie with details about it.

A Doctor turned As Film Director

Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh is a doctor by Professionand working in Chest TB dpt of Ambedkar Hospital Raipur. Due to His Hobby he first did MA Ancient History and then PhD in four subject related to Numismatics and D Lit also. His two PhD and D Litt thesis are in Coinage of Chhattisgarh. He has a huge collection of Coins Of South Kosla( Old Chhattisgarh) starts from 7th Cent BC to 17th Cent AD. He also Worte many Research papers and Books on Coins Of Local rulers of CG.

Producer Aaditya Pratap Singh also has hobby of Coin Collecting

The producer of The Movie Aaditya Pratap Singh Informed that he is watching as well

helping Dr Bhanu Prataps singh who is his Father since his childhood and later the Idea of Making the film on this collection came into his Mind to show the richness of Coinage of Chhattisgarh to the World.He and his friend Asmita Arora are working in this project.

Prachi Desai, Radhika Madan, Ritika Badiani and Asmita are featured in this movie

Prachi Desai, Radhika Madan, Ritika Badiani ,Famous actresses from Bollywood and Asmita Arora a model from Delhi are featured in movie ,They all come to see exhibition of the coins of Chhattisgarh.They said ,What would the world be like without movies? Well, the quick answer would be a lot less entertaining. Movies make us laugh, cry, jump with joy and grab the nearest pillow in fear. But some movies teach us a lot about life , history and philosophy.

One such feature film on THE COINS OF CHATTISGARH .This movie is different from the other films and she is quite impressed by the collection and the Richness of Coins of

Chhattisgarh. She further said that This is her first Historical project and she is very happy to work in it.they all are impressed with the richness of the coins.

This Film Throw Light on History of Coins of Chhattisgarh

As the name shows. “Chhattisgarh:- A Numismatic History”. This film Inform about the

Numismatic history of Chhattisgarh, and this is the only motto of making this film to Inform world about the richness of Coinage of Chhattisgarh.

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