Actor Kabbir A Fitness Enthusiast Committed To Health And Wellness

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Actor Kabbir A Fitness Enthusiast Committed To Health And Wellness

Kabbir the acclaimed actor known for his versatile roles and charismatic performances, has not only captivated audiences with his on-screen presence but also left a lasting impression with his dedication to fitness and well-being.

Despite a hectic schedule filled with various commitments, Kabbir never compromises on his fitness regimen. Renowned for his chiseled physique, Kabbir’s commitment to staying fit is a testament to his unwavering discipline and passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Kabbir’s workout routine is no secret to his fans, His fitness journey is characterized by dedication, hard work, and consistency. Even amidst demanding shooting schedules, Kabbir makes sure to allocate time for his fitness regime. His commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle serves as an inspiration to his fans and aspiring fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Beyond his rigorous workouts, Kabbir pays equal attention to his diet. He follows a disciplined eating plan that steers clear of sugar and processed foods. Emphasizing the significance of a balanced diet, Kabbir believes that nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving overall well-being.

Speaking about his fitness philosophy, Kabbir said, “Fitness has always been an integral part of my life. It not only keeps me physically active but also contributes to mental clarity and positivity. I believe in pushing my boundaries and staying committed to my health goals.”

As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Kabbir dedication to fitness serves as an example to his fellow actors and fans alike. His journey is a reminder that with determination and perseverance, anyone can achieve their health and wellness objectives.

Actor Kabbir A Fitness Enthusiast Committed To Health And Wellness

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Actor Kabbir Set To Lead In The Upcoming Film CHIDAATMA A Horror Movie

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Actor Kabbir Set To Lead In The Upcoming Film CHIDAATMA A Horror Movie

Renowned Indian actor Kabbir is set to mesmerize audiences once again with his exceptional talent as he takes on the lead role in the highly anticipated film “ChidaAtma.” Produce by raha films and written by Kabbir himself, this captivating movie promises to be a compelling cinematic experience.

With an illustrious career spanning across successful Bollywood films and notable television serials, Kabbir has established himself as a versatile performer with a dedicated fan base. Known for his ability to bring depth and authenticity to his characters, Kabbir’s involvement in “ChidaAtma” ensures a captivating and memorable portrayal of the character Shiva.

Produce by raha films  vision combined with Kabbir’s inherent talent and powerful screen presence promises to create a thought-provoking narrative that will leave a lasting impact on the audience. Kabbir’s extensive experience in both films and television has solidified his position as a sought-after actor, renowned for his versatility and passion for storytelling.

In addition to his acting prowess, Kabbir has also made significant contributions to the theater scene in Mumbai and Delhi. His participation in various plays, such as “Taj Mahal Ka Tender,” “Abhinay Se Satay Tak,” “The Bank Manager,” and “Phandi,” has showcased his range and depth as a performer, further enhancing his reputation as a well-rounded artist.

As “ChidaAtma” enters production, anticipation among fans and industry insiders continues to grow, eager to witness Kabbir captivating performance and the compelling narrative crafted by his own writing. With his unparalleled dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with audiences, Kabbir is poised to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry for years to come.


Actor Kabbir Set To Lead In The Upcoming Film CHIDAATMA A Horror Movie

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Abhishek Dubey – From Passion to Profession, An Inspiring Journey

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Abhishek Dubey –  From Passion to Profession, An Inspiring Journey

Abhishek Dubey, a talented actor and model hailing from the picturesque city of Bhopal, has emerged as a rising star in the entertainment industry. His relentless pursuit of his dreams and unwavering dedication have propelled him to achieve remarkable success. Abhishek’s extraordinary journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals who wish to carve their path in the world of acting and modeling.

Abhishek completed his schooling from the esteemed International Public School in Bhopal and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from IPER College/University. Currently, he is pursuing his MBA from NMIMS Mumbai, further enhancing his knowledge and skills in the business domain.

With a supportive and loving family comprising his father Pravendra Dubey, mother Abhilasha Dubey, and younger sister Anjali Dubey, Abhishek has always had a strong support system. Their unwavering belief in his abilities and dreams has fueled his motivation to pursue his passion relentlessly.

As an actor and model, Abhishek has showcased his talent and charm, earning accolades along the way. His exceptional skills and dedication were recognized when he was crowned the winner of the prestigious title of Mr. India’s Super Model 2022. This achievement not only exemplifies his talent but also demonstrates his commitment to his craft.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Abhishek’s hobbies include traveling, maintaining a fit lifestyle through gymming, curating trendy outfits, and playing cricket. These activities not only provide him with relaxation and joy but also inspire him to explore new facets of his personality.

Abhishek’s journey has taught him the importance of finding his own guiding light and pursuing his passion. With a voice calling out to him, he made the courageous decision to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to his dreams. Supported by his friends and family, Abhishek has poured his heart and soul into his craft, showcasing remarkable consistency and unwavering dedication.

In an exciting development, Abhishek Dubey has been appointed as a judge on India’s Kids Superstar, alongside the esteemed Prince Narula. With his profound industry experience and keen eye for talent, Abhishek will play a vital role in nurturing and recognizing the immense potential of young performers, contributing to the growth and development of the entertainment industry.

Abhishek Dubey –  From Passion to Profession, An Inspiring Journey

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I Have A Dream To Play For India J&K Based Cricketer Majid Malik

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I Have A Dream To Play For India J&K Based Cricketer Majid Malik


Nowadays when everyone  is attempting to be self-dependent and thousands of start-ups jogging across the country, A Section of society awfully youth is entangled in the Craft of Sports and Entertainment while we notice some of them have both talents, we reached across another inspiring story Of Mr. Majid Malik who is by profession a Cricketer and also he glimpses forward to joining the Film industry as an actorr, something which is standard in both fields is fitness and Performance

Here is our Chat with Majid Malik.

Tell us about yours, yourself

Well, I’m a simple guy who at college level emptied my mind to take bat when terrorism was at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir, I belong to a small village called Bhatyas of District Doda of Jammu and Kashmir. Im also the District Voice president for Minority BJP.

What makes you feel so Incredible in cricket?

Well, I have reasonable bat flow and temperament with the Ball, I love to be on the ground in front of Thousands of Audience and perform, the claps and hooting is my favorite thing that I love to listen to, well I have a dream to play for India, I know it’s not easy but nothing is impossible too.

What is the mantra of fitness and your goals?

Well, I love to be fit because being a cricketer’s prime importance is to be fit, I keep doing a lot of physical exercises and the area I m associated with is not easy but tough terrain so indirectly you keep burning  Calories on auto mode.

What is your message to the youth of Your state?

Sir, I just want to tell keep going and doing the stuff you haoptedded forrpatienniceicen d consistency break the Himalaiintontoa Smooth sand and ea, Keep doing hard work with discipline Almighty will impart your success and Glory.

Majid Malik – I Opted To Bat When Terrorism Was At Peak

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Ae Meherbaan Song Starring Rishabh Raj Out On You Tube

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Ae Meherbaan Song Starring Rishabh Raj Out On You Tube

Mumbai (Maharashtra) India: Actor Rishabh Raj will now be seen in a single  romantic music video “Ae Meharbaan” made  on the label of Red Ribbon Entertainment. He is also being seen  rubbing shoulders opposite the charming model – actress  Kirat Kaur.

” Ae Meharbaan ” just released on Red Ribbon Musik Youtube channel is garnering good and favourable  response from all it’s viewers. The song has been penned by Rahul Kale and it was rendered by Arvind Ojha and Priyanka Singh under the musical baton  of Amar Giri. The video has been directed by Sharad Koul and Bhushan Kamble has choreographed the song.

” The music video was officially released on April 14 when the day was raining different celebrationa and new year festival adding cheer during this weekend. Apart from Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, the ethnic conclaves of the Punjabi, Tamilian, Malayalee and Bengali communities also came  alive with the colours of ‘Baisakhi’, ‘Puthandu’, ‘Vishu’ and Poila Boishakh on April 14 – 15. The second round of Hindu new year and harvest festivals that occur in the month of Vaishakh are being celebrated with festive gatherings. It couldn’t have been a better time than to see the release of this album reflecting the romantic moods in sync, ” says the aspiring actor Rishabh Raj.

In the past few years, Rishabh Raj has been unstoppable. Yes, the actor was seen in a range of films across various  genres. He was seen playing pivotal and parallel roles in historical films like ” Jhansi Ke Rani” and ” Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azaad” portraying as Nana Saheb Peshwa and Bhagat Singh respectively. In another commercial film “Phir Aaya Satte Pe Satta” he got to showcase his martial arts expertise.

It would be surprising to know that Rishabh Raj hails from the steel city of Bukaro in Jharkhand, where he also completed his schooling from Holy Cross School. From a very tender age he was a regular at the dance and drama competition. As he grew….he sharpened his acting skills from ‘Bhartiya Natya Shiksapeeth for two conservative years. Then he had 3-months crash course with veteran actor Anupam Kher’s acting academy ‘Actor Prepares’. Renowned choreographer Shaimak Davar tutored him for various dancing moves. This apart he is a strong fan of seasoned actors like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Short films on spreading awareness messages  like “Assam Violence”, ” Smoking Kills” amongst others featured Rishabh Raj in dynamic roles. Notable stage plays like “The Ghost Train .” (Hindi), ” Dhari Lo Ke Tame Manji Chhe ” (Gujarati), ” Azabaan Naar ” (Urdu), etc. brought the actor to limelight. Adding to his repertoire are programmes on television, especially reality shows like “Dil Dostii Aur Dance”, ” It’s Complimentary “, “V Disastrous ” on Channel V;  “Big Famed Star ” on Big Magic; “Garja Maharashtra” – Marathi serial on Sony and others which helped him in achieving fame and the desired recognition in this entertainment industry.

One would surely say… Step aside, Rishabh Raj is the new generation of actors to be watched out for…


Ae Meherbaan Song Starring Rishabh Raj Out On You Tube

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Nanak Singh The Forthcoming Pollywood Star

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Nanak Singh The Forthcoming Pollywood Star

Nanak Singh is gearing up to make his mark in the industry. In the film Bhai Ji Kuttange, he made his debut alongside Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu. Smeep Kang , the versatile punjabi film industry director, directed the big-budget action comedy. The film was a worldwide success and is accessible on Zee5.

In addition to acting and modelling, Nanak is a professional Dancer, Gymnast, and Martial Artist. He has also competed at the state level football. Yaaran Diyan Poun Baaran, the second film, is about to be released.

We wish him the best of luck for the forthcoming film Yaarn Diyan Poun Baaran.


Nanak Singh The Forthcoming Pollywood Star

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